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The Pitcher's Pocket: The 9 Hole Pitching Target and Training Aid

Today we’re taking a closer look at the ultimate training aid for pitchers made right here at Better Baseball. The Pitcher‘s Pocket and the Pitcher's Pocket Pro are a must have item whether you are using it for team training on a field, or solo in your backyard. We pride ourselves on always providing the highest quality equipment on the market for any type of player, and these products are nothing short of training perfection. First, we will start off looking at the pitcher's pocket and later on I’ll let you know if the Pitcher's Pocket Pro is a better fit for your game.

The Pitcher's Pocket is the only industrial-grade training aid that has 9 individual pockets. These individual pockets allow you to keep track of where your pitches land to help improve your accuracy and pitch location. Perfect for throwing bullpens and getting extra reps when there’s not a catcherto catch for you. It goes beyond just catching for you, and helps you work on being more consistent with hitting your spots. The Pitcher’s Pocket is perfect for youth pitchers that are just learning to throw strikes. However, the 45 inch high and 35 inch wide frame is more than large enough to ensure an experienced pictcher can develope bykeeping the ball out of the zone. If you want to increase your strike outs and lower your E.R.A then we highly recommend you practice and train with Pitcher's Pocket.

Now let’s talk about the design. There is 1.5 inches of high impact foam covered by heavy duty U.V. treated vinyl. This training aid can take as many shots as you’re going to give it on your journey to perfect accuracy. The steel frame is deisgned to withstand major league pitch velocities as well as the outdoor elements. The U.V. treated vinyl will stand the test of time and not fade or crack due to sun or weather exposure. The legs are adjustable to become the perfect height for whatever it is you are using it for. It is also very leight (35 lbs) and portable, which is huge when thinking about carrying it on, off, and around the field. The net is made from 60 gauge knotted nylon netting and each rectangle is separated by industrial bungee cord dividers. As long as you take care of this Pitcher's Pocket as suggested it will not bend, tear, fade, crack, or break in any way. Which means you can reap the benefits for long passed the time you will be needing it. The Pitcher's Pocket comes with a two year no questions asked warranty, and a five year limited warranty covering the frame. The Pitcher's Pocket also comes in a variety of 11 colors; black, red, navy, columbia blue, purple, green, forest green, maroon, orange and yellow to match your team, school, or hitting facility.

Both the Pitcher’s Pocket and the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro are incredibly easy to set up and install. The Pitcher’s Pocket ships fully assembled with just three pieces, the main frame and the two legs. Unlike similar pitching aids, the set up process with the Pitcher’s Pocket is a breeze and you can be throwing into the target in less than 2 minutes. Each Pitcher’s Pocket comes with three leg height settings and can be used to fit any of your training needs.

Now if you’re more advanced and looking for something with a smaller zone to perfect your accuracy even more, then we suggest going with the Pitcher's Pocket Pro. The Pitcher’s Pocket Pro was designed to mimic the actual size of the strike zone.With the Pitcher's Pocket Pro you know if the pitch lands in the net you’re throwing a strike, and even hitting the pad is still a great pitch. Pitcher's who want to paint the black of the plate will love the Pitcher's Pocket Pro.

The Pitcher’s Pocket is also one of the most versatile training aids for baseball and softball today. We recommend you try these drills to not only make practice fun and engaging, but also to improve a players skill level in all aspects of the game.

Training and Practice Drills


The Bullpen Catcher

Set up one or two Pitcher’s Pockets in your bullpen to have your pitchers warm up before or baseball during games without having to field an extra catcher. Pitchers can now practice their location, work on pitches, and get warmed up by themselves.


Make practice fun and engaging by playing Tic-Tac-Throw. Have two pitchers go head to head as you use the Pitcher’s Pocket as a tic tac toe board. Work on location and accuracy as your pitcher’s compete to see who is the best in a fun and competive drill.


Have two pitcher’s compete in a game of accuracy similar to HORSE or PIG in basketball. One pitcher calls his pitch location before he throws (down and in, bottom right) , and if he succeeds, the next pitcher must hit the same spot. If he misses the location, that pitcher receives a letter “O”. Play until one pitcher has three unsuccessful misses which would make him OUT.


Set up the Pitcher’s Pocket on the lowest setting and place it on top of first base. Pitcher’s now will be able to improve their accuracy and quickness of their pick off throws to keep runners close. By simulating their pick-off moves and throws, this a great training exercise for pitchers of all ages and play levels.

The Pitchers Pocket. The 9 Hole Pitching Target and Training Aid | Better Baseball Blog (7)

Defensive Drills

Gun Down

Set up the Pitcher’s Pocket next to second base and have your catchers work on their pop up times as they simulate throwing out base stealers at second base. A great drill to work on your catcher’s throwing accuracy and caught stealing percentage.

Pocket Man

Set up the Pitchers Pocket on the highest leg setting and place it near the first base bag. Have your infielders throw into as they would during normal infield drills. You no longer have to have a first baseman to practice infield drills, double plays, or bunt formations.

Cannon Range

Set up the Pitcher’s Pocket on the lowest setting and position it around home plate. Hit balls to your outfielders and have them simulate throwing runners out at home. A great way to train on outfield throwing accuracy to improve outfielders throwing confidence and increase their outfield assists.

Batting Practice

The Perfect Umpire

Set up the Pitcher’s Pocket behind home plate during batting practice. Hitters will now be able to have better strike zone awareness based on where the pitch lands in the pocket. A helpful tool especially for hitters who are prone to taking certain pitches for strikes. Great for on field or in a batting cage.


During simulated games, set up the Pitcher’s Pocket behind home plate as a makeshift catcher. Coaches will no longer have to dress out a catcher to conduct real game situations that might risk an injury or wear down of their starter for practice drills. The Pitcher’s Pocket can hold up to 3 dozen baseballs, so baseball pick up is faster and easier, giving you more time to train and practice.

These are just a few of the versatile training options you get when you own a Pitcher’s Pocket. See why Pro Baseball Insider said "The Pitcher's Pocket is the throwing net of choice by elite players and programs." The Pitcher's Pocket is currently being used by major league and Division I baseball and softball programs. Pitching Coaches have said it has literaly transformed the way the train and develop pitchers.

If you are looking for a similar product but with a slightly different design we also have a Quad, 12 hole, 16 hole, and even one for fastpitch with our Riseball Pitcher's Pocket. Check them all out here on our site that will make training easier and more effective.

The Pitchers Pocket. The 9 Hole Pitching Target and Training Aid | Better Baseball Blog (2024)


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