Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Protocol and Etiquette Manual - Flip eBook Pages 1-24 (2024)

)(A Living Document
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Protocol and Etiquette Manual

This Document was presented to and approved by the Supreme Council on July 5,
2012 and will be revised annually.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Protocol and Etiquette Manual

Table of Contents

SECTION I. GENERAL INFORMATION ..........................................................................................3
SECTION II. REPSONSIBILITIES OF EVERY OMEGA MAN! .........................................................3
1. Proper Protocol in Addressing and Interacting with International Officers and other
Dignitaries ..........................................................................................................................3
2. Standards of Personal Conduct………………………………………………………………….4
3. Official Attire of Omega Men and Proper Wear of other Fraternity Regalia……………..6
4. Proper Meeting and Ceremonial Decorum and Conduct…………………………………….8
5. Conduct of Public Media Events……………………………………………………………….14
SECTION III.SUMMATION..........................................................................................................14



“Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is not a status club, but a fraternity; a Brotherhood of high minded,
serious thinking, noble living men; leaders not followers, makers of policy and molders of opinion.
Let us never forget that we’re developed out of the friendship of three young men and a young college

-Honorable Edgar Amos Love-
The words above of one of our founders and the first Grand Basileus of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity sets
the stage for this International Protocol and Etiquette Manual. In recognition of our beloved Fraternity’s
first 100th year of existence, this document is written to remind Brothers of the original vision of our
Founders regarding brotherly conduct within and external to the organization.

This protocol and etiquette manual is designed to provide the Brothers of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,
Inc. with the proper manner in which we should behave and act, as we are all ambassadors for the Omega
Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. However, enforcement of the policies and procedures in the manual will not
necessarily be punitive. Enforcement may simply mean a simply phrase like, “Do thy duty.”
Organizations who wish to preserve and protect their brand, always outline rules of protocol and etiquette.
Accordingly, the following codes of protocol and etiquette are a means of showing respect for our
Fraternity and other persons and/or organizations.
It is the individual responsibility of every Brother to protect the brand and good name of the Omega Psi
Phi Fraternity, Inc. Brothers are reminded to remember the oath taken upon entry into the sacred fold of
Omega and the obligations and promises made to the Fraternity. It is the intent that the policies and
procedures in this manual will make it clear that unacceptable behavior that brings harm to the Fraternity
or any person, be they a member of the Fraternity or not, is not condoned by the International
Headquarters of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. This declaration further absolves the organization of any
potential liability associated with such behavior.
Rules regarding general protocol and etiquette will be included in this International Omega Psi Phi
Fraternity, Inc. Protocol and Etiquette Manual. All chapter members should be trained on this manual.
This manual will be updated annually by the International Protocol Committee.


SECTION I. General Information

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is governed by its Constitution and By-Laws and its Ritual. Procedural
manuals, handbooks and committee guidelines assist in the proper implementation of Fraternity business.
However, there remains the need to establish rules of decorum, courtesy, and propriety. The information
being presented in this manual is to help Brothers better understand and adhere to our Protocol

Webster’s New World College Dictionary – Fourth Edition, defines protocol as: “The code of ceremonial
forms and courtesies of precedence, etc. accepted as proper and correct in official dealings as between
heads of state or diplomatic officials.” Also, it addresses the practice and processes of giving proper
respect and recognition to officers and guest.

This protocol manual is developed in an effort to provide a common set of procedures for the Omega Psi
Phi Fraternity, Inc. The manual includes official policy and procedures regarding general brotherly
conduct and Protocol which is to be exercised in formal and informal settings. This manual is not
designed to provide punitive actions for non-adherence in all instances.

This manual is organized with the intent of delineating the responsibilities of every Omega Man as it
relates to proper protocol and etiquette in addressing and interacting with international officers and other
dignitaries; official attire of Omega Men and the proper wear of other fraternity regalia; meeting decorum
and protocol; ceremonial event decorum and protocol; conduct of public media events; and standard of
personal conduct.

SECTION II Responsibilities of Every Omega Man!

The men of Omega must understand and adhere to basic rules of protocol and etiquette in this ever-
changing world of informality and anything goes. Throughout our first 100 years, Omega Men have been
leaders in education, politics, business, and our communities in general. We have not been mere
followers of the current fads or trends. As we enter the next 100 years of our beloved Fraternity, we must
be sure to represent basic principles of decorum and conduct through understanding and implementation
of basic rules of etiquette and protocol. This manual thus includes the “Basic Tenets for Omega Men
Rules of Etiquette and Protocol and All Brothers should know and use them!

1. Proper Protocol in Addressing and Interacting with International Officers and other Dignitaries.

a. Due recognition and respect should be shown to Omega Officers in the following sequence:
i. Grand Basileus
ii. First Vice Grand Basileus

iii. Second Vice Grand Basileus
iv. Grand Keeper of Records and Seal
v. Grand Keeper of Finance
vi. Grand Counselor
vii. Grand Chaplain
viii. Grand Marshal
ix. Former Grand Basilei (In descending numerical Order)
x. Undergraduate Representatives to the Supreme Council
xi. District Representatives (sequential order is not important in the recognition of

District Representatives. However at certain events they do sit in numerical order)
xii. 1st District Representative
xiii. 2nd District Representative


xiv. 3rd District Representative
xv. 4th District Representative
xvi. 5th District Representative
xvii. 6th District Representative
xviii. 7th District Representative
xix. 8th District Representative
xx. 9th District Representative
xxi. 10th District Representative
xxii. 12th District Representative
xxiii. 13th District Representative

b. All Omega Men should show a certain amount of deference to Brothers who hold an elected
or appointed position. As a general rule, Brothers should always stand upon the entry and/or
introduction to the room of the Grand Basileus or Former Grand Basilei at the international
level; or District Representatives, at the district level. The highest-ranking elected Omega
Officer (Grand Basileus; Former Grand Basilei; elected International Officers and District
Representatives) present at an official function should at all times be granted the respect,
courtesies and amenities befitting the office. Additionally, Brothers should address each
other with dignity and respect at all official functions and unofficial gatherings. In cases
where the spouse of the elected Omega Officer is present, she should be recognized, as well.

c. Upon introduction and entry into a room of a International Officer or the District
Representative, all assembled should always rise and receive the highest ranking officially
elected officer when he first enters a room during an official function (provided he is the
highest ranking officer at the function or the function is in his territory, i.e. District
Representative during District Meetings/Conferences.). The Officer has the option to ask the
Brothers to “KEEP YOUR SEATS” in cases where he does not wish for them to stand, or
when he enters a room in the middle of a meal; a formal presentation or speech or other
occasions where the standing of Brothers would interrupt the flow of the meeting.

d. All Brothers, International, District, and Chapter Officers are always addressed as Brother
(using title or name) i.e. Brother Grand Basileus, Brother Grand, or Brother Ray.

e. Other dignitaries present at official Omega ceremonies or events should be addressed and
afforded the courtesies commensurate with their status. Government official current and past
should be address with their highest title, i.e. Brother Governor Douglas Wilder or Brother
Steven Jones, Esquire.

f. The seating of Omega Officers and other dignitaries will be addressed later in the sections of
the manual that address the conduct of official meetings and ceremonies.

2. Standards of Personal Conduct

a. The men of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. must carry themselves in a manner at all times
that reflects the high ideals of the Fraternity. Brothers need only look to the preamble to the
Fraternity Constitution and Bylaws to glean our purpose and how we should interact amongst
ourselves and with others. Brothers are to fully realize that their every action not only
represents them, but the entire Fraternity.


We, the members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. believing that men of
similar ideals of fellowship should bind themselves together in order to form a
more perfect union among college men; to promote the principles of manhood,
scholarship, perseverance and uplift; to further brotherly love and spirit within
the organization; and to protect the sanctity of the home and the chastity of
womanhood, do enact and establish this Constitution and accompanying Bylaws
for the governance of its members.

-Preamble to the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Constitution-

b. Our preamble to the constitution charges us all to let our daily actions in dealing with
Brothers and others to be governed by our striving to uphold the four cardinal principles of
the Fraternity: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. It further requires we
promote the spirit of brotherly love. The common practice of “Wrecking” (physical violence
between Brothers) is inconsistent with Omega and the its founding principles. Under no
condition should a Brother cause physical harm to another Brother. Any Brother that causes
physical harm to another Brother does not understand the organization that he professes to
love “till the day he dies.”

c. The Fraternity in unison with the other organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council,
Inc. (NPHC) is committed to nurturing the ideals of brotherhood in an atmosphere of
responsibility and respect. In 1990, the member organizations of the NPHC jointly agreed to
disband pledging as a form of admission. Accordingly, the Fraternity unequivocally forbids
hazing of those who seek admittance and will take appropriate action against those that
perpetuate hazing.

d. As a general rule, proper respect should be given to a Brother when introducing yourself or
addressing a Brother. After a Brother has been properly identified through the official
challenge as espoused in the ritual, Brothers should always introduce themselves as Brother
(state your name), your number, your year of initiation, and your chapter of initiation. It is
improper introduce yourself or call another Brother “Dog, Dawg etc.” In an informal setting
(e.g. a shopping mall or public establishments), a Brother does not have to address another
Brother using a formal title. It is also appropriate for a Brother to refer to another Brother as
“frat/bruh/Que”, in an informal setting. We must respect each other and always remember
we are Omega Men, first.

e. From its inception, the Fraternity has sought men of high ideals that reflect the character of
our four Cardinal principles. Accordingly, the Fraternity does not condone the use of any
illegal drugs or substances. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. position is that the sale or
consumption of any illegal drugs or substances at any event on campus or at any student’s
residence or other facility is strictly prohibited.”

f. Men of Omega should not abuse alcohol or use illegal drugs. It is especially important,
among college chapters, that Brothers have a clear understanding of the legal drinking age in
the state where they live and the state where their school is located. The Fraternity strongly
suggests that every college chapter offer educational programs specifically addressing the
problems of and solutions to substance abuse on or around the local campus. Chapters should
become acquainted with the State “Dram Shop” laws under which, fraternities and sororities
may be held liable for the behavior of persons served liquor during fraternal social functions.
In simple language, “Dram Shop” laws provide that if a person receives liquor from a


fraternity and as a result injures someone or damages property, the Fraternity could be legally
liable for that person’s action. In those states which have raised the legal drinking age to 21
years, it is illegal to serve liquor or alcoholic beverages to anyone under that age whether they
pay for it or not.” Omega Men should NEVER use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol. Brothers
should use discretion with alcohol consumption in public while wearing Fraternity regalia.

g. Use of Official Omega Emblems and Insignia’s is prohibited without the expressed approval
of the International Headquarters. The Name of Omega Psi Phi and the Greek letters “ΩΨΦ”
are registered and trademarked symbols of the national organization, and as such, the use of
these symbols without the consent of the International Headquarters is prohibited. All
Brothers should respect and become familiar with the purpose and use of these symbols.

h. Use of the Omega Hymn and Songs should be at appropriate times and settings. The Omega
Hymn is generally sung at official Omega events such as meetings, official functions,
memorial services, etc. The should not be sung at Weddings. In lieu of singing the hymn, the
Brothers should sing the “Omega Sweetheart Song”. All Brothers should know the official
Omega Hymn and Sweetheart Song. The singing of the Hymn is limited to official Omega
functions and is not to be altered in any way. Brothers are to stand during the hymn and
encircle, if it is deemed appropriate. Brothers are to refrain from publically singing songs
that have vulgarities or are demeaning to women.

i. The Ritual of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. includes the official secrets of the fraternity.
Rituals are fraternity property and chapters should maintain accountability of this document.
Brothers should not quote any parts or portions of the Ritual in public, make copies of the
Ritual, save or pdf the Ritual on electronic devises, nor reduce it to writing.

3. Official Attire of Omega Men and Proper Wear of other Fraternity Regalia

a. The official attire for all Omega Men is defined as: a dark suit (black or navy blue); a white
dress shirt; a solid Royal Purple tie; black socks, and black dress shoes. Unless stated
otherwise, official Omega Attire is required for all official Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
functions. A Brother not properly attired should not participate in a function calling for
Official Omega Attire. This includes functions such as Omega Memorial Services,
appearance on public programs, and official pictures. All official fraternity chapter pictures
should be taken in “official Omega Attire.” A Brother without appropriate dress should be
excluded from the picture. Where feasible and necessary, it is recommended that chapters
attempt to take an official chapter picture each year for historical purposes.

b. While the above prescribes the official Omega attire, the below are guidelines for other

1. Mess Dress – Military
2. Black Tuxedo, white formal shirt, royal purple bow tie, black tuxedo or dress
shoes, black socks

1. Class A Uniform (Dress) – Military


2. Dark Suit (Black or Navy Blue), white dress shirt, royal purple tie, black
dress shoes, black socks (no jeans)

1. Suit, sport coats or jacket including Omega Purple or Gold Blazers, shirt and
tie, dress pants, dress shoes, socks (no jeans or other tattered wear or boots)

1. Dress or polo collared shirts, dress slacks, dress shoes, socks (no jeans,
tattered wear or boots)

1. Dress or collared shirts, jackets, sweaters, creative fashion with accented
paraphernalia, dress shoes, dress slacks, socks (dress jeans acceptable, no
tattered wear or boots)

1. Purple paraphernalia collared shirts or tee shirts, tan slacks or shorts, shoes or
sandals (no tattered wear or boots)

c. The Official Badge is defined as the official fraternity pin of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,
Incorporated. Only the official badge is worn over the heart of a Brother. It is placed on the
right corner pocket of the dress shirt. Other Fraternity pins should be worn on the left lapel of
a suit jacket, blazer or sports coat. The official badge is only worn when a Brother is wearing
a tie and a suit jacket, blazer or sports coat. If there is no pocket on the shirt, the badge is
attached to the shirt on the left side over the heart. If a vest is worn over the dress shirt, the
badge can be attached to this garment on the left side over the heart.

d. Omega paraphernalia should always be worn in a respectful manner and is never to be worn
or carried by a non-brother. Brothers should not desecrate paraphernalia or wear tattered
military fatigues. It is to be destroyed by burning (if weathered, torn, or in disrepair), given to
another Brother or returned to the local chapter or the International Office upon the transfer
of a Brother to the Omega Chapter. Each Brother is personally responsible for protecting the
privacy of Omega Psi Phi paraphernalia and should include its disposition in his estate plan.

i. Vendor pins should only be purchased from vendors certified by the International
Headquarters of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Brothers should always ask
vendors to display their official Omega vendor license prior to any purchase.
Brothers should inspect each pin prior to purchase to assure that it is graphically
correct and in good taste.

ii. Other items of paraphernalia should only be purchased from vendors certified by the
International Headquarters of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Brothers should
always ask vendors to display their official Omega vendor license prior to any
purchase. A list of approved vendors is located at Appendix 1. Vendors found
selling Omega paraphernalia without proper license should be referred to the
International Headquarters. Brothers should inspect each item prior to purchase to
assure that it is graphically correct and in good taste.


iii. Omega paraphernalia is always worn in a respectful manner and should not be worn
if it is weathered, torn, or in disrepair.

iv. Brothers are allowed to wear any combination of Fraternity approved paraphernalia.

e. All Fraternity property of the International Headquarters transmitted to the custody of the
chapter (or Brother) for its use, as provided herein, shall remain the property of the
International Headquarters subject to recall or removal in the event of the chapter's (or
Brother’s) suspension or deactivation. The chapter's officers shall have the absolute
responsibility and obligation to maintain the custody and control over the Fraternity issued
property when so requested by the International Headquarters or District Representative
pursuant to our Constitution.

f. Each Brother is personally responsible for protecting the privacy of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
Inc. issued property and paraphernalia:

i. Once initiated, each Brother should discuss the disposition of their Omega property
and paraphernalia with their loved ones in the event of their demise.

ii. Part of any Brother’s estate planning should be the designation of an Omega Brother
to receive his paraphernalia or instructions for his loved ones to contact the local
chapter for disposition.

g. Brothers should be vigilant in the disposal of unusable paraphernalia. Once paraphernalia is
no longer usable, the material should be destroyed by burning to prevent it from getting into
the hands of a non-member or even worst, end up being traded on an on-line auction site such
as E-Bay.

h. The local Chapter shall be responsible for retrieving paraphernalia after a Brother enters
Omega Chapter: Thirty days (30) after a Brother enters Omega Chapter, the local chapter or
chapter advisor should send a letter to the family inquiring about the disposition of
paraphernalia. If there is no response from the family in thirty days (30), the local chapter
Basileus should contact the family, verbally. Once used paraphernalia is received, it should
be added to the chapter’s archives, sent to the Corporate Headquarters or disposed of by
burning. NOTE: The family should not be harassed in any way.

4. Proper Meeting and Ceremonial Decorum and Conduct

a. Official Omega meetings and ceremonies include, but are not limited to, Grand Conclaves,
District Meetings/Conferences, and chapter meetings, initiations, mandated programs that
include a ceremony. Omega men are aware of the privacy designation of all official
ceremonies and meetings as outlined in our Ritual. Protocol associated with such ceremonies
and meetings are always followed.

b. There are two types of ceremonies and meetings: public and private. A public ceremony or
meeting is one in which the general public is invited to participate. In those cases, local and
community leaders as well as members of the Pan-Hellenic Community may be invited to
participate. The public ceremony or meeting will be addressed in the next section.


c. Proper Meeting Decorum and Conduct
i. All officers shall conduct regularly scheduled meetings at the International, District
and Chapter level as prescribed in our Constitution, policy and procedures manual.

ii. In all cases timely notice shall be given to the Brotherhood and an agenda shall be
published that includes the following as a minimum. All meetings of the Omega Psi
Phi Fraternity, Inc shall be opened and closed with prayer.

1. Opening Ceremony
2. Roll Call
3. Reading of Minutes from previous meeting
4. Reports of Committees
5. Old Business
6. New Business
7. Closing Prayer

iii. For official Omega meetings at all levels attention should be given to the proper
seating of officers. The presiding officer is seated in the center place or the first
place right of center. The guest of honor is seated to the right of the presiding officer.
When two head tables are necessary, International or District officer and honored
guest are seated at the upper dais and the program participants and other guest are
seated at the lower dais.

1. Formal Seating for Grand Conclaves:

a. The Grand Basileus shall be seated to the immediate right of the

b. All former Grand Basilei shall be seated immediately behind the
Grand Basileus.

c. The First Vice Grand Basileus and the Grand Keeper of Records and
Seal shall be seated to the right of the Grand Basileus.

d. The Keeper of Finance, the Second Vice Grand Basileus, the Grand
Counselor, and the Grand Chaplain shall be seated to the left of the
Grand Basileus.

e. The Grand Marshal shall occupy a seat near the Grand Basileus.
f. Former Grand Officers shall be seated on the upper dais directly

above the Grand Basileus and given due recognition.
g. The delegates and visiting Brothers shall be seated in the assembly

hall facing the Grand Basileus, preferably arranged by Districts
headed by the District Representatives and should stand as the head
table is introduced. Reserved seating should be identified for District
Representatives and delegates.

2. Formal Seating at District Meetings:

a. The District Representative shall be seated to the immediate right of
the podium.

b. All former District Representatives shall be seated immediately
behind the District Representative, or in a prominent position on the
front row in the audience.


c. The First Vice District Representative, the District Keeper of
Records and Seal, and the District Marshal shall be seated to the
immediate right of the District Representative.

d. The Second Vice District Representative, the District Keeper of
Finance, the District Counselor, the District Chaplain, and other
officers, including current and former Grand Officers shall be seated
to the left of the podium.

e. The District Keeper(s) of Peace shall be stationed at the door(s) and
shall admit only those persons who are members of the Fraternity
and others authorize by the District Representative.

f. The delegates and visiting Brothers shall be seated in the assembly
hall facing the District Representative, preferably arranged by
Chapters headed by the Chapter Basileus and should stand as the
head table is introduced.

3. Formal Seating at Chapter Meetings

a. At all Chapter Meetings, the officers shall be seated in a manner
consistent with the arrangement for Grand and District Officers.

b. The Chapter Basileus shall be seated at the center of the head table
with the Keeper of Records and Seal to his right and the Vice
Basileus and Keeper of Finance to his left.

c. The Keeper of Peace shall be positioned at the entry doorway to the
meeting hall to control access.

d. All other guidelines related to members and their conduct and dress
shall prevail, as stipulated for Conclaves and District Meetings

iv. For official Omega ceremonies at all levels attention should be given to the proper
adherence of Ritualistic and other fraternal policies and procedures. Official Omega
ceremonies and those that are conducted in private where the official Omega Attire is
appropriate. Examples of official Omega ceremonies include:

1. Initiation Ceremonies

2. Memorial (Private) Ceremonies

3. Rededication Ceremonies

d. Proper Ceremonial Decorum and Conduct

i. Ceremonies are a critical part of our heritage as the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. It
is imperative that such ceremonies are conducted with the greatest degree of
professionalism, decorum and adherence to the standard policies and procedures of
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The protocol events template in the Appendix 2 of
this document should be completed and returned to the International Protocol
committee chair for International events and District Protocol Representative for
District events. It is highly recommended that chapters adopt this document as an
internal checklist of planning chapter events.


ii. Official public Omega ceremonies include, but are not limited to, Chapter Chartering,
Public Programs at International and District levels, and other public ceremonies
associated with the conduct of our mandated programs, i.e. Talent Hunt or
Achievement Week programs.

iii. The seating paradigm for public ceremonies is the same as outlined above for private
meetings and ceremonies. However, the introduction of non-fraternal member
requires special accommodation.

1. The guest of honor or speaker is seated to the right of the presiding officer.

2. When two head tables are necessary, the honored guest is seated at the
upper dais and the program participants and other guest are at the lower dais.

3. As with private ceremonies, reserved seating should be designated for the
spouses and guest of those seated at the head table to include non-fraternal

iv. Other Consideration for Official Omega Ceremonies and Events

1. The attire for the event should be determined and communicated with the
original announcement, per the guidelines identified for formal, semi-formal,
business, or casual. The dress code should be strictly enforced by denying
admittance to non-conformers.

2. The required seating of fraternity officers and honored guest should be
identified and resourced appropriately.

3. An order of introduction must be established based on who is in the
audience/attendance. The Grand Basileus should always be the last officer

4. A list of invitees and an invitation design should be established and
confirmation of attendance tracked per response.

5. Confirmation of officers and guest travel plans should include the arrival
time, airline, hotel, accommodations, and number of people in the party.

6. Escort officers should be assigned to officers and guest that are responsible
for greeting upon arrival, transportation arrangements, providing an itinerary
of activities, and any other special requirements.

7. VIP transportation is an area that requires special planning and attention. At
a minimum, VIPs should be provided with a transportation itinerary, official
identification and parking passes.

8. Determination should be made as that whether a reception, and what type, is
appropriate for the event. There are basically two types of receptions:
closed and open.


a. With a closed reception, a guest list is required and admittance is by
invitation only. Additionally, a closed reception requires the use of a
receiving line to greet the guest. If the event calls for a formal
receiving line, attention should be paid to the formation of the line to
assure a good and uninterrupted flow of traffic, not blocking exits
and walkways.

b. An open reception does not require a guest list or receiving line.

c. Guest speaker coordination should include:

i. Notification of time a place they are expected to be and any
time constraints.

ii. Adequate background information on the occasion and a list
of dignitaries in attendance.

iii. Contact person to address any logistical issues, type of dress
and honorarium arrangements

iv. Head table seating arrangements

v. Allow time to thank the speaker and make arrangement for
the proper token of appreciation.

d. Holding Room or Assembly Room Considerations

i. Designate a holding room consisting of an enclosed
space/room in close proximity to the main meeting room.

ii. Dignitaries should be informed of the location of the room in
the formal invitation.

iii. A Brother should be assigned to await guests in the main
lobby of the facility and escort Dignitaries to the holding

iv. Water, coffee, tea and appropriate beverages should be
placed in the room.

v. The host/event chair lines the group up appropriately and
leads the processional to the meeting room.

e. Dais or Head Table Considerations

i. The line-up for the dais should permit each person to
proceed in an orderly progression to his assigned seat, which
should be clearly marked


ii. If the dais is two-tiered, the membership of the lower dais

enters first.

iii. All assembled should rise at the entry of the dais and remain
standing until the last person enters and the dais is seated.

iv. After all persons on the dais have reached their assigned
seats, the Presiding Officer in charge of the ceremonies
should invite all persons assembled to rise to receive the
Grand Basileus or the highest ranking Fraternity Officer

v. After the Grand Basileus or the highest-ranking Fraternity
Officer present is seated, the program begins.

vi. Reserved seating should be provided, near the front of the
dais for spouses or special guests of dais participants.

vii. Formal One Tier Seating

1. The position of the Presiding Officer is to the right
of the podium, as this person faces the assembly.

2. The guest of honor should be seated to the
immediate right of the Presiding Officer.

3. Other dais guests should be seated to the right or left
of the persons noted above, balanced in descending
order of rank.

viii. Formal Two Tier Seating

1. The designated Presiding Officers and honored
guests should be at the upper dais level, while
designated persons such as program participants and
other guests are seated at the lower dais level.

2. Consideration should be given to the physical
restriction of the participants of the dais or the
physical aspects of the room and the visibility of the
dais in deciding tier assignment.

3. The use of place cards is recommended for clarity.

ix. Formal Theatre Style Seating


1. The front row on the left-hand side of the room
should be reserved for the Grand Basileus or the
highest-ranking Fraternity Officer present.

2. The front row on the right hand side should be
reserved for the other elected and appointed Officers
in descending order. If possible, individuals should
be seated in rank order.

3. The front row in the center aisle of the room should
be reserved for the Grand Basileus or the highest-
ranking Fraternity Officer present (the left-hand
side, if there is not a center aisle).

5. Conduct of Public Media Events

1. The Grand Basileus of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc (or his designee) is the official
representative of the fraternity. No chapter or Brothers should represent the Fraternity in any
media (television, radio, movie, etc.) without the expressed written permission of the
International Headquarters.

2. As a minimum, the District Representative should be apprised of all public appearances by local
chapters or members when they are speaking in the capacity of a representative of the Omega Psi
Phi Fraternity, Inc. This includes interviews, personal appearances, step shows, etc.

3. No Brother or chapter should authorize the use of any symbol of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. in
any public/media appearance without the expressed written permission of the International

4. Press Release for Official Public and Private Functions

i. The host Chapter, or District should plan full press and media coverage activities to
include a press release of the event(s) for maximum coverage during visits by the Grand
Basileus or other International/District Officers.

ii. All official press releases must be approved by the International Headquarters.

iii. Local chapters as unincorporated entities of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. are
allowed to have press releases for local events that have been coordinated with and
approved by the respective District Representatives.

5. As a general rule, Brothers are to remember that their public actions reflect upon the brand and
national reputation of the Fraternity. Accordingly, our actions should perpetuate the high ideals
of our Founders in dealing with public and social media outlets.


Section III. Summation
This document was written to ensure that the great heritage enjoyed by the Brothers today is
there for future generations of Omega Men. To quote the 39th Grand Basileus, Brother Andrew
Ray’s recollection of a charge from one of the Founders given him and other fellow
undergraduate Brothers, “We gave life to this Fraternity; it is up to you young Brothers to ensure
that it never dies.”
Every Brother of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. has the obligation to adhere to the basic
guidelines from this manual in order to do his part to perpetuate our Fraternity.
This manual was developed by the 2012 International Protocol Committee:
Dr.Andrew Ray – Grand Basileus
Gary C. Clark – Chairman
Kenneth A. Brown – Co-Chairman
Willie Williams – Draft Author
Benjamin F. Hill, Jr.
Harvey L. Woodson, Jr.
Evan Murray
Don R. Lee
This Document was presented to and approved by the Supreme Council on July 5, 2012.


Appendix 1. Approved list of Vendors for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (dated June 22, 2012)

Approved Vendor List


1ASH Hampton VA Ash Anderson

3Sisters Embroidery LLC Durham NC Cathy F. Shepard

Accelerate 100, LLC Wasca MN Anita Nelson

Alva International Mitchellville MD Alfonzo Powell

B & J Greek Stop Atlanta GA Jessie Johnson

Big Boy Headgear, Inc. Los Angeles CA Joanne Kim

Bow Ties and More Shelby MI Carole Sales

Briannas Bangles and Beads LLC Frederick MD Dawn Stanton

Bringar Specialties FortLauderdale FL Thomas Flowers

Buffalo Dallas dba Quality Laser Design Stone GA Terrance Miller

Capstone Visions:Embroidery&Screen Virginia Beach VA Charnette Cade
Printing, LLC

Collegiate Creators "2011 Series" Tallahassee FL Brian Harris

Conrado's International, Inc. Woodridge VA Conrado Morgan

Creative Options Atlanta GA Anita Harris

Custom Identity, LLC Atlanta GA Renuka Deva

DAGE Emblem LLCd/b/aCustom Creations Orlando FL Bill Burrer

Design In Stitches Milan TN Brenda Flakes

Divine Greeks, LLC Buford GA Irene Nicholas

Doghouse of Sports Madison IL Michael Parks

Elegance By Darshi Nashville TN Darshi Kahlon

Express Design Group/Greekgearcom Freeburg IL Joseph Tantilla

Goodfoot Creations/Greek World Elgin TX Jerome Carter

Gotta Have It Fashions Petersburg VA Jerri Hunter

Greek Dimensions Beaverton OR Ray Moore

Greek4Life North Little AR Shedrick Warren

Greek Kulture Capitol Heights MD Eddie Thornton

Greek Nation Arlington TX Kevin Richardson

Greek Valley Wines, LLC Orlando FL Kris Walker

Invictus Apparel Company, LLC San Franciso CA Aaron Duncan

It's All Here College Park GA Eddie Garner

J.E.F.F. Enterprises, Inc. Atlanta GA John Fuller

JoNa Enterprises Upper MD John M. Archield

Klever Ideas, LLC Hendersonville TN Marcus J. Woods

Krimson by Kwame Cincinnati OH Corwyn Thomas


L&O Greek Specialties Birmingham AL Maynard V. Odum
Marketing N Effect Milan IL Marcus Ballard
Nalia Nation, LLC Cleveland OH Kenneth Clemons
Old School Wood Eastover NC Marcus Washington
Paper Niche, LLC Plantation FL Rhonda Johnson
Penz By Design, Inc. Duluth GA Stacy Robinson
Pledge Stones, LLC Woodbridge VA D'Vell Garrison
Rare Edition Hattiesburg MS Joann& David Wynn
Savage Promotions, Inc. Steelton PA Kim Savage
SAY Marketing and Promotions Adelanto CA Stuart C. Young
Skeegee Creations Carson AK Tony Collins
Silver, Etc. Riverdale GA Pata Crenshaw
Something Greek Hempstead NY Scott McManus
TACAM Inc. Cleveland TX Anthony Spriggins
The Anterior Group, LLC Chesterfiield OH Rahman Adeen
The Cultural Exchange DeSoto VA Warith Alkebu-Lan
Torruella-Quander Gallery, Inc. San Leandro
Tri-City Embroidery Fort DC Rohulamin Quander
Turf Gear Washington
TX C W Burruss
We Got Greek(We Got U Cover'd) Gainesville
Macomb CA Gerald Brown
Wikisio Inc. d/b/a One Greek Store
Worldwide Origins MD Tyrone&Felicia

FL Nick Leung

MI Vanessa Lacewell

Revised 5/30/2012


Appendix 2. Protocol Events Template for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 78th Grand Conclave

2012 Grand Conclave Event Protocol Template
Omega Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Return this package electronically to:

Gary C. Clark

International Protocol Chairman

by Monday, May 28, 2012

e-mail: [emailprotected]

301-580-5102 – Cell

The International Protocol Committee is requesting this information to provide the Grand

Basileus Protocol Notes for the events associated with the 2012 Grand Conclave. You are

requested to return this information electronically no later than Monday, May 28, 2012.

Event: _________________________________________________

Location of Event: ____________________________________

Date of Event: ________________________________________

Start Time: _____________ End Time: _________________

Contact Name: _______________________ e-mail _____________________ cell


2nd Contact Name: ___________________ e-mail _____________________ cell


Will the Grand Basileus be required to attend? Yes ____ No ______

**If Yes, what role to you wish him to perform?

** Confirmation on the Grand Basileus attendance will be provided to you.

Attire: (See Attached Attire Chart) __________________

Reception: Yes _____ No _____

If Yes Type: Closed _______ Open________

If Closed:

1. Provide guest list on page 5

2. Have invitations been sent? Yes _____ No ______

3. Who will be in the receiving line? (list separately on page 6)


 Are there dignitaries that will be traveling with their own personal security? Yes _____

No _____ (list separately on page 10)

o All dignitaries traveling with their personal security shall be put in contact with
Omega’s security coordinator to arrange their particular security needs.

 Reserved parking passes shall be obtained from the security coordinator or his designee.


Invited Dignitaries & Guest:
 List names of confirmed attendees (list separately on page 7)
 Provide travel plans for each confirmed attendee
o Arrival Time
o Airline or Train Station
o Hotel Accommodations
o Number of persons in traveling party
 Assign a host for each invited guest
o Host responsibility
 Greeting guest upon arrival
 Provide transportation to and from airport or train station
 Provide invited guest with itinerary of activities and any special

Guest Speakers and Presenters
 Are there any guest speakers and/or presenters
o Yes _____ No ______

If yes:
1. Shall be notified as to the time and place that they are expected to be present at the
activity, which they are presiding over
2. Shall be provided with any time constraints/limitations
3. Shall be provided with adequate background information on the occasion
4. Shall be provided with a list of dignitaries in attendance
5. Shall be provided with a contact person to troubleshoot any logistical issues
6. Shall be provided, well in advance with the head table seating arrangements
7. All presenters shall be identified for the occasion
8. Shall be provided with type of dress and honorarium arrangements

Thanking the Speaker
1. Time is allowed for the assembly to applaud
2. A brief thank you is expressed by the person who introduced the speaker
3. The presiding officer may add brief words of appreciation
4. Thank you notes are sent promptly by the proper authority

VIP Transportation
1. VIP's shall be provided with parking passes for vehicles
2. VIP's shall be provided with an official identification
3. VIP's shall be provided with a transportation itinerary

Will there be a meal function? Yes _____ No _____
If yes:

 Will there be a head table: Yes ____ No _____
If yes:

 List the names and titles of those sitting at the top tier (page 8)
 List the names and titles of those sitting at the bottom tier(page 8)
How many reserved tables will you need? __________
 List the names and titles of those folks to be seated at the reserved tables. (list separately

on page 9)
Are there other seating requirements for this event? Yes ____ No _____
If yes: How many seats are needed? __________


Please list any additional special needs for the event.

Closed Reception Guest List

Add additional pages if necessary: Title (If appropriate)

Individuals in Receiving Line

Name Title (If appropriate) No Receiving Line Required



Name Confirmed Dignitaries
1. Title (If appropriate)

Seating at Head Table

If more than ten at each tier, please add additional people

Name Title (If appropriate)

TOP TIER: (No More Than 20)



BOTTOM TIER: (No More Than 20)


Reserved Seating

Name Title (If appropriate)

Confirmed Dignitaries Security Detail

Security Person Name Dignitary Representing




Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Protocol and Etiquette Manual - Flip eBook Pages 1-24 (2024)


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