Gang Wars: Young Money 051 vs THF 46 (2024)

Young Money 051 vs THF 46 is a gang war in the Bronzeville neighborhood between Young Money 051, a predominantly set of renegade Mickey Cobras, and THF 46, a predominantly set of Black Disciples. This gang war has been described as one of the deadliest gang wars in the South Side of Chicago causing over 10 homicides in less than 10 years.

  • 1 Death Of Isaiah "Zeko" Walker (2008)
    • 1.1 Start Of Young Money 051 (2008)
    • 1.2 Arrest Of Akee Walton (2008-09)
  • 2 Murder Of Quintin "Quint" Turner (2011)
  • 3 Murder Of Tony "Lil Tony" McCoy (2011)
  • 4 Murder Of Lenard "Black" Truss (2012)
  • 5 More
    • 5.1 Homicides:
      • 5.1.2 Related:
    • 5.2 Shootings:

Death Of Isaiah "Zeko" Walker (2008)[]

On September 27, 2008, at 12:42 p.m., 18-year-old Isaiah "Zeko" Walker who was back home in Chicago after returning from Iowa on September 26 was outside a McDonald's parking lot on 47th Street & Cottage Grove Avenue where he was met by Akee Walton and Romell Outlaw, two members from THF 46. An argument would then occur between Zeko's friends and Akee's friends which ended with Akee pulling out a handgun and shooting Zeko two times.

Akee then fled the scene on foot northbound on Cottage Grove and then went eastbound on 46th Street near the Post Office. An officer was at the corner of 46th & Cottage Grove when someone ran up to her and pointed at Akee telling her that the guy in the red shirt right there just shot somebody at McDonald's. Akee would see the witness point at him and then run into an alleyway where his cap was recovered by the officer at 812 E. 46th St.

Zeko was pronounced dead at the hospital the next day on September 28, 2008, at 10:05 a.m.

Gang Wars: Young Money 051 vs THF 46 (1)

Start Of Young Money 051 (2008)[]

After Zeko's death, his friends wanted to become bigger than they were and would then start a gang originally named "Zeko World". They would later change the name to Young Money 051 inspired by Lil Wayne's record label. Young Money would then clique up with the Mickey Cobras on 48th & Drexel who went by "LCMG" and both would later start going by "YMLCMG".

Arrest Of Akee Walton (2008-09)[]

After CPD identified Akee as the suspect in Zeko's death, he was charged with it on October 6, 2008, but CPD couldn't locate or arrest him. CPD then received a tip that Akee fled the state and was with a relative hiding in Indianapolis, Indiana. The FBI Special Agents and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officers would then go on a manhunt for Akee where he was captured on June 4, 2009. He was arrested and extradited to Chicago where he was sentenced to 27 years in 2010.

Murder Of Quintin "Quint" Turner (2011)[]

On April 8, 2011, at 4:57 p.m., 17-year-old Quintin "Quint" Turner, a member of 5th Ward and THF 46 was walking near the Post Office on 46th & Cottage Grove with his brother Rome from THF 46 and BayZoo from THF 46 when a black 2-door vehicle that came out an alley would stop. The gunman, described as a 20-24-year-old light-skinned skin black male with dreadlocks would hop out and start shooting at the three hitting all of them.

Quint was shot in the back of his head and neck where he was pronounced dead at 5:45 p.m. Rome was shot in his left leg and was taken to the hospital in good condition, but was temporarily put in crutches. BayZoo was shot in his left foot and ankle where he was taken to the hospital in good condition, but was also temporarily put in crutches. The gunman would also allegedly run over Rome's leg.

This shooting was believed to have been done by Young Money 051 in revenge for Zeko. Young Money members "Montana", "Kiddo", and "Lil Marc" would all diss Quint on Facebook shortly after his death. In 2013, Young Money member "Aero" got into an argument with Rome from THF 46 on Twitter, and Rome admitted Young Money only killed Quint and no one else from THF 46.

Murder Of Tony "Lil Tony" McCoy (2011)[]

On July 16, 2011, at 1:12 p.m., 20-year-old Tony "Lil Tony" McCoy, a THF 46 affiliate who was more of a hooper than a gangb*nger was walking with a friend westbound on 47th Street after coming from 47th & Lake Park Avenue. When Lil Tony and his friend crossed Woodlawn Avenue, a stolen blue 2008 Chrysler Sebring driving eastbound on 47th abruptly stopped.

A gunman described to be 5'08 in a black hoodie would then hop out from the passenger seat and started letting off shots at the two while chasing them. Lil Tony and his friend ran into a driveway where his friend escaped, but Lil Tony was shot in the back of his head and dropped. The gunman fired 3 more shots in Lil Tony's back before walking back into the car which fled eastbound on 47th. Lil Tony was pronounced dead at 1:18 p.m. The Chrysler Sebring was then found in flames on 64th & Cottage Grove.

On November 6, 2019, an inmate in the Cook County Department Of Corrections told detectives he knew about Lil Tony's murder and named Lil Marc from Young Money 051 as the shooter, and T-Streetz from Young Money 051 as the driver. However, none of them were charged since both were dead.

Murder Of Lenard "Black" Truss (2012)[]

On June 30, 2012, at about 10:15 p.m., 17-year-old Lenard "Black" Truss, a member of THF 46 was walking with his friend around 45th & Cottage Grove Avenue when a vehicle driving eastbound stopped, and a gunman described as a 5'08-6'02 black male with dreadlocks hopped out of a vehicle and reportedly fired an AK-47 assault rifle hitting Black in his head and killing him on the scene.

The gunman was never caught, but Young Money 051 has bragged about this murder on social media. Some members of THF 46 don't claim Black as a member.



Between YM051 & THF46:[]

  • THF 46 kills Zeko (Young Money 051) on 09/27/2008
  • Young Money 051 kills Quint (5th Ward/THF 46) on 04/08/2011
  • Young Money 051 kills Lil Tony (THF 46 affiliate) on 07/16/2011
  • Young Money 051 kills Black (THF 46) on 06/30/2012
  • THF 46 kills Big A (Young Money 051) on 11/14/2013
  • THF 46 kills Lil Marc (Young Money 051) on 03/28/2014
  • Young Money 051 kills OTF Chino (THF 46) on 03/27/2015
  • Young Money 051 kills Raheem (THF 46) on 05/24/2015
  • THF 46 kills T-Berg (Young Money 051) on 06/10/2016
  • THF 46 kills Shawt Mac (Young Money 051) on 12/02/2016
  • Young Money 051 kills Bob-O (THF 46) on 03/06/2017
  • THF 46 kills Lil Law (Young Money 051) on 06/30/2022


  • Young Money 051 kills Tyjuan Poindexter (Innocent) on 09/19/2015
  • THF 46 kills Hell Vell (SKD) on 03/10/2017
  • THF 46 kills Booda (SKD) on 03/10/2017


  • Young Money 051 shot BayZoo (THF 46) on 04/08/2011
  • Young Money 051 shot Rome (THF 46) on 04/08/2011
  • THF 46 shot Rosé (Young Money 051) on 03/30/2015
Gang Wars: Young Money 051 vs THF 46 (2024)


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